Abstract Submission Requirements
Сосудистые хирурги
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Tokan Anarbekovich Sultanaliev
Best regards, President of the Kazakhstani Society for Vascular Surgery and the Kazakh Society of Phlebology
Dear Colleagues! We are starting the work on preparation of the Scientific Agenda for the IV Convention of the Kazakhstani Society for Vascular Surgery of the "Actual Issues in Vascular Surgery" Republican Research-To-Practice Conference in Almaty May 26-27, 2023. From February 10 to April 10, 2023 the abstracts will be accepted in your personal area on the Convention official page. Materials sent by e-mail shall not be allowed. It is proposed to use the enclosed abstract format.

The abstracts submitted in non-compliance with the form and later than April 9 will not be accepted. From April 9 to April 24, the expert vascular surgeons will select the highest quality research papers for the Convention.

According to the results of the event, it is planned to issue a collection with the materials of the Convention, and some of them will be presented as reports at break-out sessions, the list of which is enclosed. I wish you all a successful work on abstracts!
The abstracts will be accepted until April 10, 2023
The number of abstracts that an author or a group of authors may submit is not limited. All authors, who have submitted the papers for consideration by the Scientific Committee, shall undergo the online registration procedures on the web-site in the Personal Area
Abstract Execution
  • The materials shall be submitted in soft copies, in Microsoft Word format.
  • The abstracts may contain only one table and only one graphic element (a picture or a graph).
  • The orientation is portrait.
  • Disable hyphenation.
  • Font - Times New Roman.
  • The number of characters is STRICTLY at least 2,000 and not more than 3,000 characters without spaces. *The characters include the abstract name, the abstract body, tables and figures
  • Font size depends on the abstract section (see the template)
  • Links to other research papers shall not be allowed.
  • Face is normal; bold or italic, only where indicated in the template
  • There shall be on page numbering.
  • Margins on the right and left — 1.5 cm, bottom and top — 2.0 cm.
  • Should several abstracts be submitted, they shall be divided into different documents. One abstract per one file.
The abstracts will not be edited, therefore, please, be responsible for editing the final version (typing errors, punctuation, etc.). Before sending materials, please, carefully read the rules for execution and the template.
Recommended Structure
  • session theme
  • introduction/goal of research
  • main head
  • materials and methods
  • abstract name
  • results
  • authors
  • tables/figures/graphs (if available)
  • affiliations
  • conclusion
  • keywords
  • acknowledgements/funding sources
  • abstract body
Attention! The abstracts that do not comply with the requirements will not be reviewed. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to edit the text of abstracts without distorting the meaning of the paper.
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IV Congress of the Kazakhstan Society of Vascular Surgeons